dinsdag 27 september 2011

FCC documents: Amazon will probably launch 3 devices on 28 september

Amazon will likely announce three new devices tomorrow: a tablet (supposedly dubbed Kindle Fire) and two new ebook readers, most likely with screen tech from E Ink.
After doing some research on the FCC-website I found three possible listings of new Amazon products.

The first one is a tablet device. The FCC-listing is posted under the name Okakopa LLC, a fictional company in Denver. (note: Okakopa means october in Hawaiian)
Device code: D01400, FCC-id: zev-1229

The second one is a 3G ebook reader ("electronic display device"), with product code D01200 and FCC-id: zef-0610
Quote: "The primary use of this device is to download the Ebook and periodical offering from the content provider"
This one is posted under the name of Maywood LLC, an unknown company in Boston.

The third one is an "electronic display device", posted by a company named Nevilles LLC from Chicago.
Update: I'm not sure about this one, it could also be a tablet device.
This one has the FCC-id: zeg-0725

So this is it, I can be wrong about it but I think there will be at least three new devices from Amazon, most likely all going to be announced tomorrow.

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  1. This was posted on NeoGaf yesterday, and here it is with no credit given. This is disappointing.

  2. @sibilation
    Sorry, I didn't know that, they already found the devices somewhere? Thought I was the first. Found the listings myself in the FCC by looking at the past two months for unusual 'LCC' company's that posted new devices.

  3. oh, Sorry. How did you think to search for limited liability companies? That was a shrewd move.

  4. I noticed that Amazon used LLC's the previous times with Kindle 3 and 2, and in both cases they filed it within the two months before the actual announcement.